Our Achievements

For 17 years, the Centre for Schistosomiasis and Parasitology has been committed to ensuring that it continuously attains its mission of  research capacity building around schistosomiasis and parasitology.  Staff at the centre have been committed to forging close links with other partners in the international Neglected Tropical Diseases community. Here are some achievements from the past years.

Main results and achievements

  • The update of schistosomiasis and geohelminthiasis distribution map in Cameroon
  • The demonstration of frequent polyparasitic infections: most of children (>50 %) were infected with at least 2 helminth parasites
  • The occurrence of synergistic interactions in concurrent infections
  • The suggestion of a genetic predisposition of some individuals to polyparasitism and heavy infections
  • The dynamic epidemiological changes leading to fluctuation in transmission levels and high frequency of mixed Schistosoma haematobium - Schistosoma mansoni infections, leading to high level of ectopic elimination of eggs, with implications on morbidity and diagnosis
  • The decline of Schistosoma intercalatum, an endangered species in Cameroon
  • Description of a new species of a human schistosome: Schistosoma guineensis
  • Genetic characterization of various parasite strains.
  • Efficacy of Praziquantel against Schistosoma haematobium
  • Health education talks and community sensitization
  • Over 100 papers in high-level international scientific journals
  • Efficacy of treatment in mixed infections of schistosomes
  • Monitoring the efficacy of anthelminthic drugs and treatment impacts

International Collaborators

  • The Natural History Museum, London, UK (Dr. V. R. Southgate, Dr. D. Rollinson).
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Prof. T. Kristensen)
  • University of Ghent, Belgium (Prof. J. Vercruysse)
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Belgium (Prof. B. Gryseels).
  • Institute of Cellular Biology, Roma, Italy (Dr. D. Cioli).
  • CBETM, University of Perpignan, France.
  • Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, London, UK.
  • World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK (Professor Russell Stothard). 
  • University of Aberdeen,UK. 
  • Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland (Dr Penelope Vounatsou; Professor Jürg Utzinger).

National Collaborators

  • Ministry of Public Health.
  • University of Yaoundé I.
  • University of Buea.
  • Centre Pasteur of Cameroon.
  • Medical Research Centre, IMPM.
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